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LT32C Conduction LISN

Three Phases, 32A
9kHz to 30MHz
編 號:LT32C
LT32C is a four-lines LISN, (50mH + 5 Ohm) // 50 Ohm, in line to CISPR 16-1-2 requirements in the 9kHz to 30MHz frequency range.
It is based on air-core inductances and contains artificial hand as well as a PE simulating network, that could be bypassed.

LT32C has a remote switching line which can be automatically controlled by R3000 receivers. TTL control inputs that can be driven by any receiver branch, should be provided.

Because of the standard design of CISPR 16-1-2 V-networks, LT32C should be connected to either a low-impedance protective earth system or to an isolating transformer.

LT32C includes switching operations measurement (power meter) according to CISPR 14-1, up to 32A.

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