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RTO Digital Oscilloscopes R&S

Find signal faults fast
Hardware-accelerated analysis
Highly accurate digital trigger system
New ease of operation
Convincing accuracy
Logic analysis with MSO option
原產地: 德國
編 號:RTO Series


  • Find signal faults fast

    • One million waveforms per second: fault finding without guesswork
    • High acquisition rates without limitation of functionality
    • Fast error analysis with the history view function
  • Hardware-accelerated analysis

    • High measurement speed, even for complex analysis functions
    • FFT-based spectrum analysis: powerful and user-friendly
    • Mask test: quick configuration, reliable results
    • Sophisticated analysis with up to three simultaneous waveforms per channel
  • Highly accurate digital trigger system

    • Precise measurements due to low trigger jitter
    • High trigger sensitivity at full bandwidth
    • Adjustable digital filter for the trigger signal
  • New ease of operation

    • Get work done quickly with a straightforward menu structure
    • Color-coded control elements for clear user guidance
    • Signal icons with drag & drop functionality
    • Measurement signals always fully visible thanks to semitransparent dialog boxes


    Vertical system
    Input channels R&S®RTO1002/R&S®RTO1012/R&S®RTO1022 2
      R&S®RTO1004/R&S®RTO1014/R&S®RTO1024/R&S®RTO1044 4
    Bandwidth (–3 dB) at
    50 Ω
    R&S®RTO1002 and R&S®RTO1004 600 MHz
      R&S®RTO1012 and R&S®RTO1014 1 GHz
      R&S®RTO1022 and R&S®RTO1024 2 GHz
      R&S®RTO1044 4 GHz
    Rise time (calculated) R&S®RTO1002 and R&S®RTO1004 583 ps
      R&S®RTO1012 and R&S®RTO1014 300 ps
      R&S®RTO1022 and R&S®RTO1024 175 ps
      R&S®RTO1044 100 ps
    Input impedance   50 Ω ±1.5 %
    1 MΩ ±1 % with15 pF (meas)
    Input sensitivity max. bandwidth in all ranges 50 Ω: 1 mV/div to 1 V/Div
    1MΩ: 1 mV/div to 10 V/Div
    Effective number of bits (ENOB) of the A/D converter full-scale sine, frequency < –3 dB bandwidth > 7 bit (meas)
    Acquisition system
    Max. sampling rate (realtime)   10 Gsample/s per channel
      R&S®RTO1044 10 Gsample/s on each channel
    20 Gsample/s with two active channels
    Memory depth standard configuration, per channel/1 channel active R&S®RTO: 2-channel-model: 20 /40 Msample
    R&S®RTO: 4-channel-model 20 /80 Msample
      max. upgrade (R&S®RTO-B102 option),
    per channel/1 channel active
    R&S®RTO: 2-channel-model: 100 /200 Msample
    R&S®RTO: 4-channel-model: 100 /400 Msample
    Max. acquisition rate continuous aquisition and display,
    10 Gsample/s, 1 ksample
    1 000 000 waveforms/s
      ultra-segmented-mode < 200 ns blind time
    Decimation modes any combination of decimation mode and waveform arithmetics on up to 3 waveforms per channel Sample, Peak Detect, High Resolution,
    Root Mean Square
    Waveform arithmetics   Off, Envelope, Average
    Interpolation modes   Linear, Sin(x)/x, Sample&Hold
    Horizontal system
    Time base range   25 ps/div to 50 s/div
    Time base accuracy after delivery/calibration 2.5 ppm
      after delivery/calibration
    (R&S®RTO-B4 option)
    0.02 ppm
    Channel deskew   ±100 ns (realtime deskew, channel-to-channel trigger - e.g. State - detect deskew)
    Trigger system
    Trigger types   Edge, Glitch, Width, Runt, Window, Time-out, Interval, Slew Rate, Data2Clock, Pattern, State, Serial Pattern, I²C, SPI,
    optional: UART/RS-232, LIN, CAN, FlexRay
    Sensitivity definition of trigger hysteresis can be set autimatically or manually
    from 0.1 div to 5 div
    Min. detectable glitch   100 ps
      R&S®RTO1044 50 ps
    Coupling modes   same as selected channel, optional RF suppression with selectable cutoff frequency from 100 kHz to 50 % of analog bandwidth
    Waveform maths
    Algebraic categories   mathematics, logical operations, comparison, frequency domain, digital filter
    +, -, *, 1/x, |x|, derivative, log10, ln, log2, scaling,
    FIR, FFT magnitude
    Analysis and measurement functions
    Hardware-accelerated analysis   spectrum, histogram, mask test, cursor
    Hardware-accelerated measurements   amplitude measurements, time measurements
    General data
    Dimensions W x H x D 427 mm x 249 mm x 204 mm
    (16.81 in x 9.8 in x 8.03 in)
    Weight R&S®RTO1024 9.6 kg (21.16 lb)
    Display   10.4" LC TFT color touch screen,
    1024 x 768 pixels (XGA)
    Connectivity   1 Gbit/s LAN, 4 x USB 2.0, GPIB (optional), DVI for external monitor, external trigger

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