EMC 量測儀器設備, 能源之星, LM79, ESD GUN 靜電槍
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EMC 量測儀器設備, 能源之星, LM79, ESD GUN 靜電槍, LED 光學 , 靜電產生器, Surge, DIP, EFT , EMI/EMS/RF
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RTM Digital Oscilloscopes R&S

Find signal faults fast
Hardware-accelerated analysis
Highly accurate digital trigger system
New ease of operation
Convincing accuracy
Logic analysis with MSO option
原產地: 德國


  • Finding signal faults quickly and effectively

    • Extensive triggering options for keeping track of important signal events
    • Highlighting of rare events simplifies debugging
    • Optimal overview: X-Y(-Z) mode
    • Versatile selection of signal acquisition modes
    • "Smooth" mode for smoothing non-periodic signals
  • Tools for fast signal analysis

    • Detailed analysis made easy: with zoom function and event marker
    • QuickMeas – key results at the push of a button
    • Extensive cursor-based measurement functions
    • FFT – signal analysis in the frequency domain
    • Mask tests for revealing signal deviations
  • Smart operating concept

    • Color-coded controls for clear overview
    • Flat menu structures and dedicated buttons for getting work done quickly
    • High-resolution XGA display – perfect for even the finest details
    • Connectivity
    • Portable due to compact design
  • Reliable results for stringent demands

    • High time resolution – even for long signal sequences
    • Excellent measurement accuracy due to low-noise frontends
    • Full measurement bandwidth, even at 1 mV/div
    • No crosstalk thanks to good channel-to-channel isolation
    • Precise measurement of steep edges using passive probes


    Vertical system
    Input channels R&S®RTM1052 2
      R&S®RTM1054 4
    Bandwidth (–3 dB) at 50 Ω   500 MHz
    Rise time (calculated)   700 ps
    Input impedance   50 Ω ±1.5 % or
    1 MΩ ±1 % with 13 pF±1pF
    Input sensitivity max. bandwidth in all ranges 50 Ω: 1 mV/div to 1 V/div
    1MΩ: 1 mV/div to 10 V/div
    Resolution   8 bit
    Acquisition system

    Max. realtime sampling rate

      2.5 Gsample/s; 5 Gsample/s interleaved
    Memory depth   4 Msample; 8 Msample interleaved
    Decimation modes combination of decimation mode and waveform arithmetics possible sample, peak detect, high resolution
    Waveform arithmetics   off, envelope, average, smooth, filter
    Interpolation   sin(x)/x
    Horizontal system
    Time base range   1 ns/div to 50 s/div
    Time base accuracy   10 ppm
    Channel deskew   ±100 ns
    Trigger system
    Trigger types   edge, width, video, pattern, B-trigger
    optional: I2C, SPI, UART/RS-232, CAN/LIN
    Trigger level   ± 10 div from center of screen
    Analysis and measurement functions
    QuickMeas at the push of a button, measurement values available internally are written directly onto the waveform and updated continuously peak-to-peak voltage, pos. peak, neg. peak, rise time, fall time, mean value, RMS value, period, frequency
    Automatic measurements   mean value, RMS value, mean cycle, RMS cycle, std. deviation wave, std. deviation cycle, amplitude, top level, base level, pos. overshoot, neg. overshoot, peak-to-peak voltage, pos. peak, neg. peak, period, frequency, delay, phase, burst width, number of pulses, number of neg. pulses, number of rising edges, number of falling edges, pulse width, inverted pulse width, duty cycle, neg. duty cycle, rise time, fall time, trigger period, trigger frequency
    Cursor measurements   voltage, time, voltage & time, ratio X, ratio Y, number of pulses, peak value, RMS value, mean value, duty ratio, burst width, rise time, fall time, vertical marker
    Waveforms maths   addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, maximum, minimum, square, square root, magnitude, positive wave, negative wave, reciprocal, inverse, integral, differentiation, log10, ln, lowpass filter, highpass filter, FFT
    General data
    Dimensions W x H x D 403 mm x 189 mm x 142 mm
    (15.87 in x 7.44 in x 5.59 in)
    Weight   4.9 kg (10.8 lb)
    Display   8.4" XGA TFT color display,
    (1024 x 768 pixels)
    Connectivity   2 x USB host, USB device, LAN, GPIB (optional), DVI-D for external monitor
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